Physics 01 is an experiment that simulates friction and elasticity. I say "simulates" because the equation that I am using is not an actual physics equation; it just gives the appearance of friction and elasticity.

I have long struggled with differnet equations to try and achieve this effect, but to no avail. I scoured my brain and my Calculus book (why? I don't know), and all of the physics web sites I could find. I could never take the equations I knew and relate them to a dynamic HTML environment.

Finally, I stumbled across a forum at were-here that gave me the equations I needed. It turns out that there is an extemely simple and elegant solution. One that I could not figure out, for the life of me. So, this experiment is not really my own work. It is mostly the work of some Flash programmer somewhere else in the world.

But, I can still wrap it up in a pretty package.


You can experiment with different values for friction and elasticity using the form above. The larger the value you enter for friction, the slower the ball will travel (makes sense).

To get noticeable elasticity, enter values from 1 to about 1.6 (like 1.001, 1.205, etc.). Smaller values produce more elasticity.

The faster you move your mouse, the more noticable the effects of friction and elasticity are.

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