How many?  

Physics 03 builds on Physics 02, by making the balls chase a "rabbit" instead of your mouse.

Each ball has its own rabbit to chase. The rabbits' movements are random. The effect I was aiming at was some more semi-organic motion (hence, the "Organic 3" part of the title, referring to my original attempt at organic motion, Organic 1).

This time, you cannot set the physics properties for the individual balls. You can, however, start or stop the "rabbits" that the balls chase (which will, in turn, stop the balls) by pushing the "start/stop rabbits" button on the form above.


The larger the value of friction, the slower the balls will travel.

Elasticity needs to be between 1 and 1.6 to work well. The closer the value is to 1 (say, 1.01), the more elastic the balls are.

I think repulsion works best if it is between 5 and 50. Try different values and see the effects.

You can also see what this looks like with a lot of balls flying around at once. I like the way it looks with 10 balls, myself.

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