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“ Organic Motion #4 ”
Usage—Press the "add" button to add an organism to the "world." Press the "remove" button to remove one organism from the world. I think that it is really interesting looking if you add a whole lot of organisms. And try this: Press stop. Then, add as many organisms as you want (the more the better). Once you've clicked "add" a number of times, press start, and watch the nice effect.

Explanation—It was only a matter of time, I guess. I've finally got myself some organic motion that I like. It took me three tries, but I don't know if that is good or bad.

To review—
  1. Organic01, the first attempt, was a poor model of organic motion. It was very jerky, because the "organisms" could only move in straight lines.

  2. raindrops (which is also Organic 2), was a better model of organic motion, but it was very poorly coded, and was thus very slow.

  3. Physics03 (which is also Organic 3), was much, much smoother, because it was based on some pseudo-physics involving friction, elasticity, and repulsion. It was still a poor model, because it required a lot of extraneous code to function. It was not neat.
This project, Organic 4, uses some very basic Trigonometry to dictate the motion of the "organisms." This is the way I should have done it from the beginning, but this idea didn't even occur to me until recently.

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